For Yard Cleanup, There Are Seasons

While regular yard maintenance all year long is a necessity if you want to keep up with your landscaping, there are certain months of the year when more cleanup is required. Typically, these months when more yard work is required take place during the seasons of Fall and Spring. So, why do Fall and Spring need more yard cleanup compared to the other seasons?

Fall is often considered the messiest season as far as landscaping work goes due to the large quantities of leaves that fall from the trees in preparation for Winter. The leaves that fall from the trees have to be blown or raked in order to keep your yard clean and avoid potential problems that can occur when leaves are not dealt with. For example, if leaves are left to pile up on the ground for too long, they can actually kill the grass underneath. So, it is very important to avoid piles of leaves left untouched. 

While the season of Spring may not be as messy as Fall due to the lack of heaps of leaves, more yard work is still obligatory during this time. Since Spring arrives after Winter, it is considered to be the season of renewal. This makes sense as this is when many plants begin to turn green again and bloom. However, if there are remnants of Winter, such as dead tree branches, lying everywhere in your yard, it can be difficult for new plant growth to take place. If you are able to keep your yard free from debris, it will experience a rebirth of beautiful flowers and other plants. 

Hiring Walker’s Outdoor Landscape Can Help You Get the Job Done

If you are looking out on your yard during either the Spring of the Fall and wondering if it is worth it to hire help from a professional landscaper, like Walker’s Outdoor Landscape, the answer is yes! 

It Will Save You Time

If you try to perform your Spring or Fall yard cleaning on your own, it could take up a large amount of your personal time, especially if you have not really kept up with the demands of the yard throughout the Winter or Summer. Also, without other individuals around to assist you, it could take even longer to get your yard looking the way you want. 

The professionals at Walker’s Outdoor Landscape are accustomed to performing cleanups. We not only have a crew working for us to assist in making the process go more efficiently, but we also complete cleanups on a regular basis. With our experience and team, we can get the job done much more quickly. The best part is that instead of having to spend your weekend picking up leaves and tree branches, you will be able to spend it relaxing while we take care of the work for you. 

You May Not Have the Tools or Supplies

If you begin a Spring or Fall cleanup yourself, you may quickly realize that you do not have all of the yard tools or supplies necessary to get the yard cleaned up. As professional experts, we will arrive to your home prepared with all of the right equipment, such as leaf blowers, to get your yard cleaning done as quickly as possible. 

We are sure you will be happy with our service, so give us a call today to schedule your Fall or Spring cleanup! 

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