Mulching: The Finishing Touch for Many Yards

Whether you have completely renovated your backyard with a brand-new garden or you have several existing flower beds that need a little something to spruce them up, mulch can be the finishing touch that you are looking for. 

Mulch is a substance that is placed on top of soil that can come in many different types of materials. These materials can consist of bark, leaves, straw, or compost. Mulch can benefit your garden in many ways, including the following:

     1. It Will Nourish Your Plants

Mulch can be rich in nutrients. When there is mulch present, plants are able to absorb those nutrients in order to grow and bloom. The mulch also helps to prevent the loss of nutrients that can happen whenever it rains by reducing the impact of the rain drops. This not only keeps soil erosion at bay, but it also leads to greater nutrient retention, which will help your flowers stay green and healthy. 

     2. It Prevents Loss of Moisture

Since mulch serves as a protective barrier over the soil, it reduces the amount of evaporation that can take place, ultimately trapping moisture. As we all know, plants need water to germinate, so the more water there is, the easier it will be for your plants to access necessary moisture. As a result, it will take less effort on your part to take care of your plants, and it may even decrease your water bill in the summertime. 

     3. It Can Inhibit the Growth of Weeds 

Not only can mulch block water from evaporating, but it also obstructs sunlight. That way, weeds will not be able to receive the sunlight necessary for them to effectively grow. This eliminates the need to weed-eat on a regular basis, while also maintaining the health of your plants. 

     4. It Can Help Regulate the Population of Pests

Certain categories of mulch can actually help control the number of pests that prey on your plants. The scents associated with the mulch can actually repel pests. That way, you are actually saving some money on bug repellant, as well as the time it would take to spray your plants. 

     5. It Will Make Your Garden Look Beautiful and Complete

Once you have added new flowers or small trees to your garden or backyard, you may think that you are finally finished. However, more than likely, there could be some gaps that require something to close these spaces. Mulch is able to fill in these areas and make your garden look complete and appealing. 

Why Hire Walker’s Outdoor Landscape?

Mulching your yard yourself can be a daunting task. For starters, you will have to either own a truck or rent one in order to transport the mulch yourself. Even if you have someone deliver a truckload of mulch to your home, it can still be difficult to move it. Whether you have heavy bags of mulch or a pile of mulch, you will require a wheelbarrow for safe transport. If you are not accustomed to manual labor or do not have a wheelbarrow, spreading mulch may not only take up a great deal of your valuable time, but you could also hurt yourself attempting to move the bags. 

If you contact Walker’s Outdoor Landscape, we have all of the right equipment for the job. We also have the experience and team to be able to take care of the job safely and quickly. Additionally, our landscaping experts will be able to help you choose the best mulch for your garden. We offer a variety of mulch colors and types that suit both your property’s needs, as well as your personal preferences. So, save yourself some time by giving us a call. We will not only take care of the labor, but we will perfect your yard with our mulching service!

Mulch In Dayton, OH
Mulch In Dayton, Ohio