Unveil the Beauty Underneath with Our Power Washing Service!

As time continues to elapse, not only will the exterior of your house accumulate large quantities of dirt and grime, but so will your outdoor areas, including your decks, patios, and paths. If the dirt and grime is left in peace for too long, they can negatively threaten both your home’s curb appeal and the integrity of these exterior components.  Not to mention, if your outdoor living areas are extremely dirty and unsightly, you will not feel like you are able to enjoy them, especially in the company of others. Spending time outside can improve your mood and help you decompress, so it is extremely helpful to get those areas cleaned up.

So, what is the best solution for this particular problem?

The answer is our power washing service! 

Power washing basically consists of spraying water at an extremely high pressure and high temperature in order to remove stains and dirt from various outdoor surfaces that are difficult to remove with normal cleaning products or methods. The combination of pressure and heat results in incredible success in not only getting rid of stains and dirt, but also transforming the appearance of your patios and decks. It can even help you regain your outdoor living space so you can get back to enjoying them.

Can I Power Wash My Patio, Deck, Or Pathway Myself?

While you technically do have the ability to power wash these outdoor spaces on your own, it not recommended for several reasons. 

    1. Professional Power Washing Equipment Simply Works Better

     While you can rent or purchase power washing equipment, this equipment typically does not work as effectively as professional power washing equipment. Instead of spending money on equipment that is not going to do the job correctly, contact us to power wash instead. We have professional-grade, powerful equipment that is highly effective. Our power washing service is sure to restore your patios and decks so that you can get back to spending time outside. 

     2. Power Washing Pavers Can Be Tricky

     While it can be relatively easy to power wash concrete surfaces and brick, power washing walkways and patios composed of pavers can be a little bit tricky. The reason that it can be somewhat of a challenge to power wash pavers is due to the fact that if you utilize the wrong nozzle, the wrong cleaning product, or the incorrect water pressure, there is a greater possibility that you will be damage your pavers. Our experienced professionals are able to determine the best power washing method to ensure that your pavers look incredible without any damage. 

     3. Our Power Washing Service Will Go Much Faster

     If you have never used a power washer before, it will take some time to figure out how to adjust the pressure, as well as complete the job. If you contact Walker’s Outdoor Landscape, we have plenty of experience working with power washers and will arrive on time with the right equipment and cleaning products to complete the job in a timely manner. The sooner the job is done, the sooner you can get back to enjoying sitting on the patio with your loved ones. 

So, if you are ready to renew your patio, walkway, or deck, contact us today to set up a power washing appointment!

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