Retaining Walls: Providing Both Beauty and Function to Your Garden

When looking to give something to your garden that is as beautiful as it is functional, there are many things that you could potentially add, including a retaining wall. Retaining walls not only have an important purpose, but they also add a beautiful, polished look to your personal garden. 

Retaining walls are essentially structures that keep soil in its designated place in order to avoid soil erosion and issues with water drainage. They can come in a wide array of materials, including concrete, rocks, timber, or boulders. These retaining walls also allow homeowners more possibilities to develop a more functional, outdoor space. For example, if you have an area in your yard that is deemed unusable due to the fact that it is hilly and sloping, there is a possibility that it can be leveled off behind the wall, allowing a homeowner to create a useable space in front of the wall. The space in front of the wall can be used in a variety of ways, including as a patio or as a place for new gardening beds. Either way, the retaining wall creates more possibilities for how a homeowner can use his or her outdoor area for entertainment or to improve the look of the landscape. 

Additionally, since retaining walls come in many different materials, homeowners have more control over the resulting aesthetics when a retaining wall is put into place. They are able to decide on a material that suits the style of both their garden and their home, while also adding to their home’s exterior appearance. 

Why Choose Walker’s Outdoor Landscape to Assist with Your Retaining Wall Installation?

If you are ready to install a retaining wall, there are several reasons why hiring a professional, such as Walker’s Outdoor Landscape, is preferable to installing it yourself. 

The Retaining Wall Installation Process May Require the Experience of a Landscaping Professional

When putting in a retaining wall, there are many elements that require careful consideration to prevent future problems from arising. These elements include the slope of the lot, avoidance of buried utility lines, and the potential for runoff. If the wall is improperly installed without thinking over these items, there could be serious consequences, including jeopardizing the wall’s integrity or messing up the underground utility lines. These are all things that may require knowledge, experience, and a set of skills that are beyond the scope of a typical homeowner. Having a professional, landscaping company like Walker’s Outdoor Landscape work on your behalf will guarantee a well-constructed retaining wall that not only works as intended, but is also aesthetically pleasing. 

The Installation Process Can Be a Challenge 

The installation process is not as simple as it may appear. In order to create a secure foundation for the wall, a trench has to be dug. This is not necessarily something a homeowner will have the ability or equipment to take on. Walker’s has all of the right equipment and expertise to be able to dig a trench and make a stable foundation for your retaining wall so that it actually works. 

Walker’s Can Recommend the Right Products for Your Wall

Our landscaping experts have the expertise to recommend the right products for your retaining wall. We will thoroughly examine your garden area and determine what we think will work best for you based off of your personal taste and the layout of your yard. That way, you get the right retaining wall for you. 

So, if you are ready to schedule your retaining wall installation, give us a call today!

Retaining Walls In Dayton, OH
Retaining Walls In Dayton, Ohio